Indochino Review: Vincero Charcoal Plaid Suit

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Indochino Vincero REview

Honestly, when Indochino first introduced the Vincero Line (the Vincero Line suits later simply become the premium suits) in 2011, I thought the suits were way overpriced. Remember, a couple of years ago, Indochino suits still sold for $299 or $399, and the introduction of the Vincero Line occurred before a more premium approach was pushed and eventually accepted by customers. Sure, you'd get high-quality Italian Reda fabrics, Bemberg linings (more breathable than the standard polyester linings) and BWF collar felts from Germany. But is that worth paying a premium? Starting at 599$, the Vincero suits were quite a bit more expensive than, for example, the Indochino Essential Suits priced at $499, using fabrics sourced mostly from Chinese mills.

Indochino Vincero Review

I decided to give it a shot anyway, tempted by the promised luxurious fabric, and successfully convinced myself a charcoal plaid suit was just what I needed. You can check if the Charcoal Plaid is in stock right here or find out about the Vincero range here, Indochino is adding more products regularly. I was also hoping that the introduction of digital cutting earlier in 2012 would make sure the fit was just as I wanted it, without a need for annoying trips to the tailor or even going for a remake. 

I had requested my usual "specials": a lower button stance (my upper body is quite long) and less waist suppression (I like slim fitting suits, but I hate suits that give me a female shape by overly emphasizing the hips). Other than that I went for a pretty standard suit. Two buttons, two vents, working buttonholes, cuffed pants (good for tall people) without pleats, slim fit shirts (I ordered 3 - see pic below). 

The suit came out well and didn't need any alterations. The fabric is indeed a great one. It's soft to the touch and has a very subtle sheen to it. You can feel and see the difference between a Reda fabric and the Indochino fabrics used for their Essential suits. By comparison, my Essential Grey Suit's fabric (which is still one of my favourites) feels coarse and rough. It's not so easy to show the pattern in the pictures, but it's a nice and subtle plaid, quite dark and appears solid from the distance or in low lights. 

The Bemberg lining is perhaps not something you notice on the first touch, but it's good to know it's there. That is also the case with the BWF collar felt - it's not like you run around with your collar popped, but it's good to know they used quality material. 

Indochino Vincero Review
Indochino Vincero Charcoal Plaid Suit
I noticed a couple of improvements to Indochino's suit construction (I am not sure now if these are unique to the Vincero Collection). For example, the way the pant's cuffs are done is not as flimsy as before and also the inside part of the pants on the level of the waist is reinforced. 

Buttonholes and stitching overall are fine, but the sewing of the buttonholes could still be much clearer and tidier in my opinion. Furthermore,  I would personally still love to have the option for a half-canvas and full-canvas upgrade - so far my Indochino suits held up well (also because I avoid dry cleaning jackets), but it is just one of these things that would fit well with their high-end Vincero line. To clarify: Indochino now produces half-canvas suits. 

I also got a couple of new shirts, mainly because I gave away my old OTR shirts to charity and Indochino had some excellent substitutes. The fit is perfect for me, and while they could certainly dedicate more love to the details on their shirts (stitching, fabrics), they are solid. Yes, a bit too expensive at 99$, but it's just really convenient to get everything from one source. I settled for the wide-spread point small collar a while ago but still wish a proper wide-spread collar could be ordered. The cashmere in the pic below scarf became an immediate favorite of my girlfriend; I only managed to use it once. 

Indochino Vincero Review
Cashmere scarf, striped shirt, light blue gingham shirt, red & blue tattersall shirt
Overall, a purchase I am very happy with. Not one of the most affordable suits in Indochino's lineup, but certainly the Vincero collection shines when it comes to fabric quality and high-quality appeal. If you can afford to spend 200$ more on your next purchase or there is a great coupon around, I'd say it's well worth it if you got your fit down. However, if you are buying your first suit or you are just building your wardrobe, there is not a need to go for the Vincero line