Indochino Deal Roundup

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Indochino is having sales on a weekly basis at the moment, so it's hard to keep track of what is available at the moment. Here is a quick rundown of the currently active Indochino promotions including the various coupon codes needed. I've also indicated the duration of the deal, if possible. 
  1. Indochino Fall Faves
    Get selected suits from $399 and save up to $400
    Coupon code: FAVES1
    Link: Indochino Fall Faves
  2. Indochino Pay Day Sale
    Get an additional 10% off on sale items
    Coupon code: 
    Link: Indochino Sale
  3. Indochino Shirt Deal
    Get 5 shirts for $300
    Coupon code: 
    Link: Indochino Shirts
  4. Indochino Pants Deal
    Get 5 pants for $400 and save up to $995
    Coupon code: 5PANTS
    Link: Indochino Pants