Indochino News: New Creative Director

Friday, June 17, 2016

Indochino's new creative director getting suited up - via

Indochino is focused on growth more than ever - if that is even possible. And it seems to work! According to news reports from June 2016, Indochino has experienced "year-to-date growth of 67%, adding last month was its biggest sales month ever" ( Indochino did so by running a couple of high profile sales, including a couple of them with discounts up to 50%. So the plan is to get bigger very fast and I guess to focus on repeat customers to increase profits. Apparently also on the agend are major e-commerce improvements later in 2016. Just to remind you, Indochino has received a $30 million investment earlier this year (read more here) to help the brand grow. 

What does it mean for us customers? While Indochino is not the small, cool start-up anymore, they are now a big company with big plans and enough cash to make them come true. A new creative director was hired ( to fill in where co-founder Heikal Gani has left a while ago. If you have noticed, the recent collections have been well - a bit lacklustre, I would say. 

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