Suit Review: The Nanotech Storm Indigo Striped Suit

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Indochino Suit Review
The Nanotech Storm Indigo Stripe Suit
There are a couple of points that highlight the evolution of Indochino: upgraded components, Bemberg liners, digital cutting are just a few. However, it's one thing to read about upgraded components and it's a whole different thing to feel the impact these upgrades have on an actual suit. I've plenty of Indochino suits to compare to and it's safe to say that this suit now, is one of the best ones I've ever head.

The Nanotech Storm Indigo Stripe Suit is part of the first Indochino Collection 2013, the controversial Ultimate Tech Collection. The first collection of a year is always something special and people expect Indochino to stay innovative, stylish/fashionable and at the same time affordable, responsive and accommodating. Sometimes you just can't satisfy everyone and I have a feeling that's what happened with the Ultimate Tech Collection. I have written in length about it already, so I won't go into details now. Suffice it to say, I thought there were plenty of good ideas overall but I certainly don't envy the Indochino employee who had to answer to customers on Facebook around launch day.

Back to my suit. It has all the gimmicks of the Tech Collection:
  • Smart Pocket: touch sensitive pocket for smartphones, cable clip, earphone hole. The smartphone pocket is a really useful idea for those who carry their phones in their suit jackets. The earphone hole and the cable clip (it's removable) may be useful for those listening to music and audiobooks on their commute - see photo below on how that looks on the suit. 
Indochino Suit Review
  • NanoTech: the fabric is treated with an advanced coating that repels liquids and stains. In contrast to the past Traveling Collection that had a similar fabric, this one really doesn't feel any different and just feels like a great material. I tested the whole thing by spilling water on the suit and indeed, the water doesn't soak in - see photo below.  
Indochino Suit Review

  • Storm Flap: Described by Indochino as "stylish way to protect your neck and chest from cold weather", this feature mostly triggered negative feedback within the community. I am honestly not sure if I would wear it. It certainly keeps you warm, but so does a nice Cashmere scarf. I'm currently in Vietnam, so it's 33°C and not really the right climate to test it, so I will just remove it for now. I also feel it adds some bulk to the shoulders and the lapels, doesn't look as tidy with the Storm Flap attached.
Indochino Suit Review

Indochino Suit Review

Aside from the special features, it is most of all just a very well made and very well fitting suit. I specifically like the attention to details, e.g. the buttons don't feature that bold Indochino text on the sides anymore, the buttonholes are really nicely sewn, buttons actually seem like real bull horn, etc.

By the way, the shirt I chose is part of the premium collection and priced at $159. That's definitely not cheap, no doubt about that. It's also a very nice fabric by Cotonificio Albini. Ok, I didn't know the name but I can tell that the fabric is of very high quality and it feels just great. No loose threads, no loose buttons - it's a great fitting shirt made of great material.

The tie is from Indochino as well, it's their Light Gray Wool Tie. I really like the feel of it, a nice contrast to the usual silk ties and a nice one to have for autumn/winter.

Being in Vietnam also gave me the chance to meet with Aron, co-founder of Mantorii. I had another pair of shoes made. I didn't have to pay for those, but Aron suggested I try something more special to showcase what Mantorii can do. I went for a pair of Chili Red Wholecut shoes with blue lining (different lining is available via email request only for the moment) and blue shoe laces. Single leather sole.

Indochino Suit Review
I might slim down the pants a little at the bottom
It's a very bold shoe and an interesting combination with the indigo blue Indochino suit. I don't think I'd wear these at the office, but they are great for special occasions. 

Chili Red Mantorii Custom Shoes
Mantorii Chili Red Wholecut Shoe. Picture copyright Mantorii Custom Footwear
by Lorenz Loidl