Online now: Indochino Spring 2017 and up to 50% discount!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Indochino just dropped their new Spring Collection 2017 including a 5-day sale that reduces prices on the new suits and shirts by up to 50%. 

Since partnering with Dayang Group (who invested heavily in Indochino), Indochino has been working on significantly expanding their selection and the number of fabrics. As a result, you can choose from an enormous variety of patterns, colors, and materials as part of the Spring 2017 collection. Furthermore, expanding the available suit range is just a first step. As you can see from the quote below, taken from an Indochino press release, new suit silhouettes and a massive increase in the available suit personalization options can be expected as well. 
"In conjunction with the investment, INDOCHINO signed a five-year alliance agreement with Dayang Group that will enable the company to introduce three new suit silhouettes, to triple suit and shirt fabric selection, and to quadruple the range of suit personalization options for customers, both online and in its retail stores." Source:
I will be browsing through the new collection over the next couple of days and will update you with some personal selection from the vast new Spring collection. 

Coupon code: SPRING2017 for up to 50% off.

P.S.: I got a new review online, of an Indochino Midnight Blue Suit. Check it out:

Indochino Clearance Sale - Suits from $349

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Indochino has added a couple of new items well worth checking out to their Sales page at This is a good chance to get some the heavier autumn/winter fabrics for an excellent price or even get some of the 2016 summer fabrics in preparation for warmer weather. Among the suits are also a few premium materials. A selection of shirts is also reduced to as much as $50, making them excellent value for a custom shirt. 

Indochino Sale:

New coupon code: use READY to save up to 60%

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Indochino Coupon Alert Februar 2017

Indochino's strategy this year seems to be simple enough to grasp: sell as many suits as possible. What does it mean for us customers? Many, many sales and good discounts. Let's be honest here, if I look at the past couple of months, it's quite obvious that a good deal can be made pretty much every day. There is not really a big need to wait for end of season sales or black friday deals. Right now, you can save up to 60% on selected items by using the coupon code READY. 

So check out the selection and get a new suit if you are READY!

Indochino pushes retail expension

Friday, February 10, 2017

Indochino retail location. Photo via

According to several news sources, Indochino is pushing their retail expansion in 2017. Up to 8 new showrooms will be opened in cities across the US and Canada. Retail locations are a big part of Indochino's growth strategy. Many customers prefer the in-store experience, the ability to touch fabrics and to receive help from Indochino's style guides. 
“This year, we’re almost doubling our showroom network as we focus on significantly expanding our experiential retail model,” said Drew Green, the CEO of Indochino. “As we continue to bring our unique showrooms to more cities and introduce custom clothing as an attractive and affordable alternative to ready-to-wear, we’re beginning to change the way a generation of men suit up, and that’s incredibly exciting to see.” (Source:

Check out current offers and the full suit selection at