Indochino pushes retail expension

Friday, February 10, 2017

Indochino retail location. Photo via

According to several news sources, Indochino is pushing their retail expansion in 2017. Up to 8 new showrooms will be opened in cities across the US and Canada. Retail locations are a big part of Indochino's growth strategy. Many customers prefer the in-store experience, the ability to touch fabrics and to receive help from Indochino's style guides. 
“This year, we’re almost doubling our showroom network as we focus on significantly expanding our experiential retail model,” said Drew Green, the CEO of Indochino. “As we continue to bring our unique showrooms to more cities and introduce custom clothing as an attractive and affordable alternative to ready-to-wear, we’re beginning to change the way a generation of men suit up, and that’s incredibly exciting to see.” (Source:

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