A glimpse of Windowpane

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Indochino Blueprint Windowpane suit

So, I still owe you a proper review of my Indochino Windowpane suit. I'll eventually do that, but there is just too much happening in my job & private life now and I just want to do it properly (and better than first time). The picture above was taken at a recent wedding, in the afternoon - I had to get rid of the tie, because after 2 hours in a boiling hot church I almost collapsed... Anyway, I'm happy with the suit - not suitable for business due to the funky lining, but it's great to have for evening events etc.

The Indochino Trench Coat Collection

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I guess I can answer my own question from the post earlier today now - there is a new collection in July, it is about outerwear and more specifically, it's all about Trench coats! I thought they'd wait a bit longer to release new outerwear but it's not sunny with 35°C outside everywhere I guess.

4 new, different ones are available and I'm already considering using the Thrillist (valid till July 31st) coupon to get one...Fabric is 100% wool cotton on all of them, according to the website and prices range from 299$ to 349$ (or from around 225$ if you use the coupon!).

The ones below, called the Classic Trench Coat and the Captain Trench coat are my personal favourites, you can check them all here: http://www.indochino.com/category/the_summer_autumn_collection.html

A small poll on my blog also showed that most of you quite liked the Trench coat collection, 53% saying it looks great (33 thought it was Ok, but nothing special and 13% didn't like it all that much). I wondered if anyone bought and received a Trench coat and wants to share his experience about it?

What to expect from the next collection?

Below find a quick timeline of the Indochino Collections since I've been tracking them (around March 2010).

March 5: The Wall Street Collection

April 22: The Linen Collection

May 20: The Blueprint Collection

June 24: The Tuxedo Collection

July 8: The Summer/Autumn Collection

Clearly, Indochino is releasing a new collection every month, usually around the 20th - 25th. There are some other releases in between, such as the re-issue of the teachers jacket, new shirts or new blazers. But basically the major new collections change every month. This month we didn't really get anything special, it's more like they tried to stock up on some rather basic items again. I'm pretty curious what will come next (and if it will still be released in July or only in August).

In my opinion their outerwear would need a bit of a fresh start. The items look good, but I can only remember one or two positive reviews about their outerwear items - I guess (even more true now during summer) they don't sell a lot of it either. But I guess it makes sense to keep that for October. Until then they still need something a bit more special. They really made an impression with their Blueprint Collection - the colour felts, the funky lining, so I'm curious if they will somehow do something more daring again or if perhaps these options will become available for all suits. What would you really like to see?

[expired] Get 25% off any Indochino suit!

Friday, July 16, 2010

and there it is, the 25% coupon - finally something that really makes a difference!
Valid until end of July 2010: Thrillist

Update 24/07/10: seems it was not quite valid until the end of July, as promised... you can still use couponswebsitenet for 15% off and I'll make sure to let you know about future coupons.

http://twitter.com/socialentrep (social media guru of indochino)

New Indochino Shirts added

Indochino knows how to stay present in our minds and releases 2 new shirts - the magenta stripe shirt and the cornflower blue stripe shirt. With those new additions, I'm hoping for a couple of new interesting suits soon and hopefully a nice coupon to go with it! Meanwhile, I'm still thinking about a Indochino Linen suit for those unbearably hot days in the office and appointments with clients (2 hours on a fake leather chair with 35°C room temperature anyone?)

Indochino Summer/Autumn Collection

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good news guys, there is another Indochino collection from today! Added were a couple of basic suits and blazers, nothing particularly outstanding this time. I do really like the Montauk Blazer as pictured above, but I'm not sure about the fabric which is described as "wool blend". By the way, isn't it strange that now all their models feature really short jackets? I mean, the lenght can be discussed, but the jackets now are barely at sleeve length and I just think it looks weird. I ordered my Blueprint suit 1 inch short a while ago and while it looks ok from the front, I don't quite like it from behind - everyone tells me it looks great, but I KNOW it's not long enough...

By the way, in addition to the coupons in the box somewhere on the right (which hopefully still work), use this for a free shirt on your order: MyCouponsFreeShirt 

Update: another coupon for you, this one gives 15% off: couponswebsitenet
Thanks to "linsook" for letting sharing this with us!