The Indochino Trench Coat Collection

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I guess I can answer my own question from the post earlier today now - there is a new collection in July, it is about outerwear and more specifically, it's all about Trench coats! I thought they'd wait a bit longer to release new outerwear but it's not sunny with 35°C outside everywhere I guess.

4 new, different ones are available and I'm already considering using the Thrillist (valid till July 31st) coupon to get one...Fabric is 100% wool cotton on all of them, according to the website and prices range from 299$ to 349$ (or from around 225$ if you use the coupon!).

The ones below, called the Classic Trench Coat and the Captain Trench coat are my personal favourites, you can check them all here:

A small poll on my blog also showed that most of you quite liked the Trench coat collection, 53% saying it looks great (33 thought it was Ok, but nothing special and 13% didn't like it all that much). I wondered if anyone bought and received a Trench coat and wants to share his experience about it?