What to expect from the next collection?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Below find a quick timeline of the Indochino Collections since I've been tracking them (around March 2010).

March 5: The Wall Street Collection

April 22: The Linen Collection

May 20: The Blueprint Collection

June 24: The Tuxedo Collection

July 8: The Summer/Autumn Collection

Clearly, Indochino is releasing a new collection every month, usually around the 20th - 25th. There are some other releases in between, such as the re-issue of the teachers jacket, new shirts or new blazers. But basically the major new collections change every month. This month we didn't really get anything special, it's more like they tried to stock up on some rather basic items again. I'm pretty curious what will come next (and if it will still be released in July or only in August).

In my opinion their outerwear would need a bit of a fresh start. The items look good, but I can only remember one or two positive reviews about their outerwear items - I guess (even more true now during summer) they don't sell a lot of it either. But I guess it makes sense to keep that for October. Until then they still need something a bit more special. They really made an impression with their Blueprint Collection - the colour felts, the funky lining, so I'm curious if they will somehow do something more daring again or if perhaps these options will become available for all suits. What would you really like to see?