Indochino Quality Survey 2013 - The Results

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The results of the Indochino Quality Check 2013 are in and as promised, they provide some very interesting insights, especially for first time buyers. Thank you to all 100 of you who took the time to participate!

Please let me again emphasise two important points, before we take a look at the results.
  1. This was not an official survey conducted by Indochino
  2. This is not a statistically speaking representative survey e.g. the results can be seen as an indication only and do not represent the total Indochino customer base
Bearing these two points in mind, and as mentioned earlier on, the results are interesting and certainly worth considering if you are about to order an Indochino suit or if you are wondering about what other customers experienced. I will spare you a lengthy analysis and will give you the charts to look at with a couple of my thoughts at the end of this article.

1. How old are you?

2. How many (if any) Indochino suits do you own?

3. Would you recommend Indochino to your friends?

4. Does any of your Indochino garments suffer from defects? 
Remark: I forgot to include "No" as an answer, but 42 e.g. almost 50% skipped the question, indicating that nearly 50% have not experienced any defects on any of their suits. 

5. Did any of your Indochino garments miss any options you had specified during the shopping process?

6. Did your first Indochino suit require alterations?

7. Did you first Indochino suit need a remake?

8. Open Question - space for comments, questions, etc.

Some interesting points mentioned here. Requests for a lower button stance, more blazer options, more deals and coupon codes, proper half-canvas construction. Some said quality improved, some others mentioned it deteriorated.

Despite of almost 80% of first time buyers needing alterations and 35% needing a remake on their first Indochino suit, more than 70% would recommend Indochino to their friends, indicating a high satisfaction rate. 

Missing options (less than 20%) or quality issues (less than 50%) are overall negligible and if they occur, limited to minor issues such as loose buttons. This speaks both for proper quality control and for overall quality (fit aside) itself. 

Popular future requests:
  1. Lower button stance
  2. Proper half-canvas construction
  3. More sales/coupons
  4. Better selection