Indochino Black Friday. 70% off. Now!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Indochino Black Friday 2015

Indochino Black Friday is here and with it some pretty insane deals with up to 70% off. Just a few days ago I wrote about the Essential Suits from $399 and that even $499 is a good deal for a Premium Suit. Well, guess what. There are premium suits available now for just $375 (50% off). It's just one hell of the deal. I guess they always save the best for Black Friday.

--> Indochino Black Friday Sale
--> Coupon Code: BLACKFRI

Indochino Deal Alert: Suits from $399

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ok, so it's no secret that there are in fact plenty of deals going on at Indochino at any given day. Even a bit too frequent. I mean, the winter collection appeared to be on sale on launch date, right? In any case, some Indochino coupons are better than others. Today's deal clearly is one of these better ones. In my opinion, one of the main appeals to buy an Indochino suit is still that you an get a custom suit online for a much lower price than what'd you'd have to pay in a store. 

Of course the Indochino premium suits are attractive, but with all the recent and not-so-recent upgrades, the basic suits are really a good deal. Proper construction, proper components, proper cut and fit. It all works out. That's also a main reason why the basic suits are hardly ever on sale - they are already well priced. 

Well, now they are discounted. Down to just $399 from $449. It's a good deal and the selection is pretty big. 

Also a very good deal is to be had for the premium suits. These are down to $499 from $749. So here the discount is much higher and it's done cleverly. For an additional $100 you get superior fabrics. The difference is not very visible on a computer screen, but as I do have a couple of Indochino suits hanging in my wardrobe, I can tell you that the difference is noticeable. So if you have an additional $100 around somewhere, I can recommend the upgrade. 

How can you get the discounted Indochino suits?

Use the coupon code BESTOF at checkout - that's it. I couldn't really figure out how long the deal is valid, but they change pretty quickly these days, so be on the lookout.