Update: Indochino Measurements page now shows true garment measurements

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I was writing about the changes on the measurement page some users have experienced yesterday. Thanks for your comments, I have also received info from Indochino about what actually happened.

Let me quote Chris, one of Indochino's concierges:
"We recently overhauled our back-end database to display customer account histories under the true garment measurements, rather than the physical measurements that were displayed before."
This is actually a pretty good thing, once you know what's going on. The measurements you originally take for your suit are translated into a digital pattern. After you received your suit you will have a base to work on and adjust your digital pattern according to your preferences. The digital pattern measurements now don't show what you had originally input, they show the true garment measurements. This makes it easier to determine the changes you need and makes the whole process more transparent.

So, if you see the measurements changed, there is no need to be concerned. Your suit should still fit fine (especially if it's not your first order and you got your measurements figured out) and if you still need to change something, it's easier to do so.

Indochino's Digital Cutting may result in measurement changes

Monday, July 30, 2012

Indochino Measurement Page
As you may know, Indochino has recently invested heavily to introduce digital cutting and digital patterns. This is an important step to reduce inconsistency issues on repeat orders. This also means that your previous profile had to be translated into a digital pattern and thus, a couple of measurements may now have changed. 

It so happens that for me some measurements seem completely wrong and not representing what I measured, e.g. my chest measurement is now 41.5" compared to 38" originally. I guess we will see how that impacts my most recent order, a double-breasted pinstripe suit. 

Previously, Indochino always suggested not to panic and submit changes based on the garment. I will do so, but I would like to finally have a working profile that doesn't get changed around in the background. 

Not sure if all customers got their profile switched to digital patterns already, but does anyone else have completely different measurements suddenly?

[SOLD OUT] Indochino Deal Alert: Steve Nash Brown Nailhead and Charcoal 200$ off

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Steve Nash Brown Nailhead Suit - now 299$ instead of 499$
Update: Both deals seem to be sold out now!

The deal has just been released from Indochino on Twitter and is only valid for a limited time and for as long as stock lasts. 200$ off means you get the Steve Nash Brown Nailhead Suit for 299$ instead of 499$ when using coupon code NASHBROWNNAIL on checkout.

Furthermore, the same applies to the
Steve Nash Charcoal Suit, also 299$ instead of 499$ with coupon code NASHCHARCOAL.

[expired] Indochino Deal Alert: Essential Suit, Shirt and Tie for 319$ at Vente Privee

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Indochino Vincero suits and Vente Privee Deal
New Indochino Vincero Suits - can also be had with Ventee Privee Deal (difference between Vincero and Essential suit to be paid at checkout)
Thanks to the anonmyous user sharing the deal with us in a comment over at the coupon section, I can inform you about a new deal up at Vente Privee (deal website similar to Groupon etc.). You can get an Essential Suit, a shirt and a tie for 329$ instead of 527$, that is a discount of 211$ or almost 38%. You can also choose a more expensive suit and pay the difference to the Essential line at checkout. Pretty good deal this time, unfortunately you will need a US address (I guess any valid one will do) to sign up for the deal. If you managed to buy it, you can use the coupon no matter where you live - Indochino doesn't care, the restriction is on Vente Privee's side.

By the way, there are also a couple of new suits from their premium Vincero Line (Reda fabrics, Bemberg lining, etc.). 

Suit, shirt and tie for 329$ instead of 527$ (valid until July 10, 2012)