[expired] Indochino Deal Alert: Essential Suit, Shirt and Tie for 319$ at Vente Privee

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Indochino Vincero suits and Vente Privee Deal
New Indochino Vincero Suits - can also be had with Ventee Privee Deal (difference between Vincero and Essential suit to be paid at checkout)
Thanks to the anonmyous user sharing the deal with us in a comment over at the coupon section, I can inform you about a new deal up at Vente Privee (deal website similar to Groupon etc.). You can get an Essential Suit, a shirt and a tie for 329$ instead of 527$, that is a discount of 211$ or almost 38%. You can also choose a more expensive suit and pay the difference to the Essential line at checkout. Pretty good deal this time, unfortunately you will need a US address (I guess any valid one will do) to sign up for the deal. If you managed to buy it, you can use the coupon no matter where you live - Indochino doesn't care, the restriction is on Vente Privee's side.

By the way, there are also a couple of new suits from their premium Vincero Line (Reda fabrics, Bemberg lining, etc.). 

Suit, shirt and tie for 329$ instead of 527$ (valid until July 10, 2012)