Indochino's Italian Fancy Pants Collection

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Indochino Pants, made from premium Italian fabric - priced 159$
Pretty cool pants collection from Indochino today! What surprised me most is that they are using Italian fabrics this time - 130s, 140s and 160s wool pants with some surprising details. For the first time, you can actually choose colorful lining for the pants. Sure, it's mainly a gimmick, but it's a nice one and it adds an interesting flair to the pants. Obviously, no one would really roll up the pants like below, right? 

Prices are quite a bit above the usual 99$ for their pants, but I think the premium is justified, considering the Italian fabrics and the additional customization options. By the way, it seems they also overhauled the suspender buttons and the side tabs options. They seem to look different now. The fit on the models is really good too, not too baggy, not too tight. I'm hoping for my next pants to turn out like that...

Another interesting feature is the very neatly programmed HTML5 (it's HTML5, right?) slideshow on the pants. Just looks really nice, well done. By the way, there was also a hint about Indochino shoes on their Facebook page - nothing for the near future, but it seems shoes are planned at some point.