Indochino's plans on the new high-end "Vincero Collection"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First shots of the Indochino Vincero Collection - Suits go from 649$
photo via NKPR's Tumblr
You have read about the Indochino Pants Collection yesterday. Fancy pants with Italian fabrics at a rather steep price (steep, if you are used to Indochino's affordable items). Well, it seems fancy pants are not the only thing Indochino is planning for the near future. There have been tweets about a recent Indochino happening at NKPR, a beautiful Toronto based PR agency. They are also the ones who posted the photo of new Indochino suits above, along with some more, including the Indochino guys showing us their favourite food

There is also some more information on a certain Phil Birnbaum's blog. He also posted this interesting bit of information below:
The site will begin offering higher-end suit line Vincero starting September 6th in winter-ready Italian-designed wool-cashmere. The Indochino Vincero suits go from $649 US, and continue to allow Indochino customers to customize a suit to fit both their body and personality (via
Woolly Llama is going to love this. Not only are there no coupons, now the suits (at least the Vincero Collection) will be even more expensive. I believe 649$ is the highest price they have every asked for a suit. I am not saying it is not worth it, but fabric quality, quality control (consistency!) and construction has to be top-notch at this price point. If I look at the suits above, they sure do look tempting. 

By the way, let me also use this article to inform you about an upcoming special feature on the blog. I don't want to tell too much now, but it will be great. I will introduce an Indochino competitor, compare their suits to Indochino, have a top bespoke tailor cut open and examine both suits and in detail and much more!