Indochino reduces advanced options

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Indochino reduces advanced options for suits and pants

Some of you might have noticed it already, Indochino changed the advanced options for their suits at some point in the last few days. Originally, you could choose from a number of options, including essentials such as higher armholes and straight legged pants, or the widely popular natural shoulders option. All those mentioned above, together with some more, have been removed. Check the picture below for reference, it shows a more extensive list of advanced options from a while ago.

List of advanced options from a while ago
My guess is that these options are not gone for good. Rather, I believe Indochino is (again) restructuring major parts of their business and will be back with an overhauled and probably improved version. I had a conversation with Angie a while ago, asking her if they could still make double-breasted suits on request. From previous conversations overheard on Twitter I know that they used to be able to do this (another option they used to offer on special request were half-lined jackets).

Angie then told me that they were re-structuring their customization options and they were not able to offer certain customization during that period. Seeing that some more obvious options were removed now leads me to believe that something bigger is coming up. I have also looked back to my posts last year - in late August and early September, Indochino announced an upcoming revolution - it was then that we got better (and more expensive) fabrics and a new page layout with more options - they also started getting more active on both Facebook and Twitter. 

It may be a long stretch, but I think chances are that we will see some major updates within the next 2 months - not just new collections. Obviously, I might also be wrong and Indochino just removed some of the most interesting advanced options for good - but why would they do that?


  • higher armholes are now actually standard on all suits (via Twitter)
  • new, lightly padded shoulders are now the standard option
  • dappered legs are standard, straight cut legs can be requested via after the order