Wrinkle-free cotton shirts from Indochino

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Indochino wrinkle-free shirts
Indochino introduced some new shirts yesterday, wrinkle-free 100% cotton shirts priced at 79$ a piece. That is not too bad, considering their normal price for shirts is 99$ - true, they are only available in very basic colors, but that is not a bad thing in my opinion. A couple of really well fitting blue and white shirts are never wrong.

They have also introduced some nice metal collar stays at 9$ a piece, the standard plastic ones have always seemed a bit too weak to me, so I will definitely invest in a couple of the metal ones. By the way, the collars on the models seem weird, they have that dent on the left side and I wonder why they missed it and why it is there on all the new shirts...