Indochino suits now feature lighter shoulder pads by default

Monday, August 8, 2011

You might have read about the recent changes to Indochino's customization options some days ago. A couple of popular choices such as higher armholes or natural shoulders got removed - obviously this sparked some discussion in the online community. We now have some more information.

The higher armholes option is gone, because it became standard on all Indochino suits. A very clever decision, it was a must-have option anyway and I cannot imagine who would not want to have it. 

As for the shoulders, check this message posted today by Indochino on their Facebook wall:
Suit Customizations – Shoulder Padding:

Previously, we offered two padding options for jackets: no padding and regular padding. No padding is meant for casual clothing and sports blazers and thus may cause divots on the shoulder. Regular padding can sometimes appear to be too bulky on the shoulders.From now on, Indochino jackets will have the default option of noticeably lighter shoulder pads that are consistent with the fashionable European “slim fit” silhouette for which we are known. (taken from Indochino's Facebook wall 08/08/2011)
I have to admit, I like that decision. Indochino's shoulders have always been the subject of fierce discussions. I was personally never convinced about the "natural shoulders", it only looked good on a few pictures I saw - the padded shoulders were indeed rather heavily padded, but I thought they were mostly alright. It also differed a lot from suit to suit, to be honest. I'm very curious how their new shoulder style will look, it does sound promising. Perhaps we will see it on the new collection already - there should be one tomorrow?