Huge News: Indochino to receive $30 Million investment!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Indochino Dayang Group Investment

So you might have heard about it on the news: Something huge happened at Indochino. We all know they are all about growth and have been quite since the start. They have been taking on a new CEO, Drew Green, a while ago and now the great news have arrived: Chinese Dayang group is investing $30 million. Indochino has received considerable investment (totalling around $17 million) before, but $30 million is clearly a new category.
Let's look at the deal. Who is Dayang group? They are a large Chinese clothing manufacturer. They are producing for quite a few of the big names including Ralph Lauren. They also own Trands, their brand creating menswear. Dayang/Trands is also active in the US market ( but if you see the website you clearly understand why investing in Indochino makes sense for them. They have tremendous manufacturing know-how, but they are not good at communicating to the end customer. Indochino does, and Indochino's business model can be further scaled and needs a solid manufacturing base. Clearly, this deal makes sense, and it will have a significant impact that we will see within the next few months. 

I have included a couple of sources from around the internet below if you want to read more in-depth news and for those who want a quick overview, here is what we can expect from Indochino within the next couple of months: 
  1. Three new silhouettes: traditional, modern, slim
  2. 300 different suits, 150 different shirts
  3. 190 personalisation options
  4. Ten new stores in 2016
What do you guys think about the news? Curious to hear your thoughts!

Further reading & sources: