Indochino back on Groupon with an accessory deal

Monday, June 6, 2011

Today on Groupon: The Indochino Business-Suit Accessory Set for 49$ (U.S. only)

Indochino is back on Groupon! This time not with a 50$ for 150$ worth Indochino items voucher, but with a newly created accessory set including cufflinks, a tie bar, black tie, white pocket square and a measuring tape. Not a bad set for 49$ (worth 149$) especially if you don't have any of these items yet. I have written about their accessories before and concluded that they are a bit too expensive - this is a good chance now to snap them at a good price.

The cufflinks and the tie bar included are also the nicest ones they offer (not too fancy or golden, I like that). The deals are from various cities, but as they are online deals, everyone from the US can get it. I assume the deal will show up for other cities in the next days so they can get rid of their stock, I'll keep the Coupon Page updated accordingly. I'm wondering if this little accessory sale indicates new items to come soon - I certainly hope so! Also, it's good to see Indochino back on Groupon - let's one hope that a general discount voucher might appear again in the future. 

Check the Coupon Page for active Indochino Groupon deals!