Parlo Italiano? The Indochino Moda Collection

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Indochino's avant-garde gray collection
Indochino surprisingly already released their new collection today, consisting of 4 suits - surprisingly, not because it is Tuesday, but because it is rather early in the month. The new collection focuses on various shades of gray (and patterns, I might add) in combination with colored collar felts and some different linings. Again I have to refer a bit to last years Blueprint collection, the first time when they introduced the Etro-inspired collar felts and more daring linings. The June collection is perhaps not revolutionary, but a really solid collection with some stand-out suits. As usual, that is of course a very subjective point of view. 

As you can tell from the Vespa in the picture above (it is a Vespa, right?) and the names of the suits (Azzurro, Bianco, Giallo, etc.) Italy is the theme of this collection. It is also remarkable that all the models feature plaid ties, which might be an indication for things to come next Tuesday. But back to the collection, there are some suits I'm very fond of.

The Marino Plaid Suit - 449$
My favourite is the Bianco Pinstripe Suit pictured below. Just like the other suits it is made of a medium-weight 100% wool fabric, not specifically made for summer (linen suits are still available!), but probably a suit you can wear all year round. While I am not a big fan of (shades of) pink on men (and I'm aware I'm perhaps already in the minority here), the suit itself is just really cool. Nice gray color and subtle pinstripes - I'd buy it, hadn't I planned a holiday for next month and need the money...

Bianco Pinstripe Suit - 449$
By the way, the prices are quite ok, I'd say. 449$ is surely not the cheapest thing they offer, but it doesn't seem overpriced. I have to admit, they really did a good job making us believe in the value of their offerings - I remember when the suits still cost like 300$ and we had coupons in addition...good times. At least they are back on Groupon with an accessory deals, which is not too bad for the price. 

The Giallo 3-piece Plaid Suit - 499$
The other suits pictured below and above are not too bad either. I probably would change the lining to something less flashy in some cases, but that really depends on what you need the suits for. At the end, it always depends what suits you already have. I personally could need that Bianco suit, but I have some darker gray suits already. The Azzurro suit is really tempting too. Quite amazing that they can come up with a collection every month and usually there is something I really want to have - even if my girlfriend tells me I have more suits than I could ever need. 

The Azzurro Plaid Suit - 449$
What are your thoughts? Happy with the collection? I'm really wondering what they have up their sleeves. Their must be something bigger coming up soon. They have been really slow on introducing new accessories and outerwear - not to speak of they long rumored cardigans or shoes.