Get ready for the summer - The Indochino Modern Linen Collection

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Indochino 2012 Linen Suits - 379$ each
Long awaited by many, Indochino today released one of the most important collections of the year: the 2012 Linen Collection, dubbed the Modern Linen Collection. Indochino or rather, their creative mastermind and co-founder Heikal Gani, tried a new approach to linen and created a special fabric, consisting of 25% linen and 75% wool. What does this mean for you?

The result of this mix is a fabric that is still light and breathable, but will get less wrinkly than a 100% linen suit. The suits are thus also more suitable for business but obviously the jackets can also be paired more casually with jeans or chinos.

The linen suits come in 4 different colors, there is the versatile navy blue, a tan, a gray linen and a very nice looking, rather light, brown. Vests for all suits are available for 99$ extra. I like the press photos a lot this time around, they were a bit too youthful and too little business lately for my taste, the new ones are stylish and adult without being boring. Notice the lower button stance? I like it! Check the promo video below for some more impressions on the collection. Interesting choice of music, I was expecting something funky!

I'm not always convinced about some of Indochino's style choices. Paisley shirts, no thanks. However, today's collection is classy. I'm personally torn between the Navy Linen and the Brown Linen suit.

Things I like:
  • The colors - great shades of blue, brown, tan and gray
  • The fabrics - ok, wrinkles may be part of the appeal of linen suits, but the mix of linen and wool is superior for most occassions
  • The price - 379$ is affordable 
Thinks I miss:
  • Double-breasted suits. Long promised, not yet available - a missed opportunity for the Linen Collection.
  • A half-lined option for the really hot summer days (more work for the tailors, I know)
  • 100% linen choices for the purists
  • More lining options - especially breathable Bemberg would fit well with suits for the summer
  • More choice - if I look back at 2011 and 2010 there were considerably more fabrics available
Might look like a long list of things I miss, but there is always room for improvement and I think the collection overall is pretty good. What is your take on it?