Coupon Alert: Various Shirt Deals

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quick alert for those of you who are interested in Indochino shirts. There are a couple of shirt deals online at the moment. One is the official one from Indochino's main site. If you buy a suit, you can get shirts for 69$ each - just use the coupon code SHIRT69

There are two more deals on (hadn't heard of them before, seems similar to Groupon). One deal is for a pack of 3 shirts for 199$ (33% off) and the other one for 3 shirts and 3 accessories for 249$ (44% off). Deals are valid until April 10th, 2012.

Disclaimer: These links above are referral links - if I get any referral credit, I will use it to buy that Indochino deal and give it away on the blog for free in a competition. I won't use any referral credit for myself. Update: 2 more uses of the referral link and I will be able to buy that deal with the three shirts as a giveaway.

Thanks to Steve for the info via a comment, there is also a deal for a Suit Utility Kit (tie, cufflinks, tie clip, pocket square) for Canadians.