Introducing Indi Custom Jeans

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Indi Custom Jeans Review
INDi Custom Jeans - from 175$
Update: It seems Indi Custom has disappeared. I actually liked the concept, but I think the prices were maybe too high and clearly, not enough customers could be convinced to buy a custom jeans.

We got plenty of companies to supply us with MTM suits and shirts, but what about more casual custom clothes? Jeans comes to mind and as it turns out, there is already a successful company named Indi Custom doing just that. Indi Custom makes jeans for both men and women with prices starting at 170$ a pair.

Indi Custom Jeans ReviewI emailed Indi around 2 month ago and asked if they were interested in sending me one of their jeans for a review. Lucky me, they were interested. I chose their Telegraph Slim option and the blue, unwashed and raw denim. You can then choose the stitching color, the leg opening, zipper or button, coin pocket, back pocket shape and pocket embroidery. Of course, you also get to submit your measurements (waist, inseam) and a couple of questions regarding your seat and thigh shape. Return policy is rather  generous: you get a free remake, but there are no refunds.

As with Indochino suits, custom jeans are not just for those with difficult body shapes that are hard to fit OTR. It's a special feeling to have something that wasn't just made along with thousands others of its kind. I feel a sense of ownership for custom products that I don't feel for OTR products. Obviously, body shapes that are hard to fit have an additional reason to go custom.

Of course, the product has to be convincing and in the case of Indi Custom it surely is. The jeans just fit really well. I've been wearing them regularly over the last few weeks and they are a great addition to my wardrobe. Due to the dark denim, they work great in a slightly more formal combination with a shirt and blazer or just as well as a casual outfit with a t-shirt.

The trousers are slim cut, but not too tight. The rise on my pair is pretty high compared to some of the low-rise jeans I own, but that also depends largely on the inseam measurement you submit - I had based it loosely on my Indochino suit pants. 

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P.S. more photos to come soon, got some problems with the camera!