Indochino's new summer suits 2012 - Seersucker

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Indochino Seersucker Suit and Blazer

Indochino introduced a couple of new suits and blazers today, the focus is on seersucker, a light striped summer fabric with history. The word seersucker originates from the old Persian words "shir o shekar", which translates into "milk and sugar", describing the feel (smooth and rough) of the fabric. The fabric is naturally wrinkly, due to the specific weaving process.

The wrinkles cause the fabric to be held away from the skin, thus improving air circulation and causing you to sweat less in hot weather. Seersucker became popular during the British colonial period, then was worn by poor students in the US in the 1920s and now you can get it from your favourite online MTM tailor.

Prices are very affordable this time around, suits are 299$ (there are 2 available, a tan and a blue version), the blazers (same choice as for the suits) are 199$.

The Classic Seersucker Suit: Indochino Powder Blue Southern Seersucker Suit - 299$
Indochino Derby Plaid Blazers
Indochino Plaid Derby Blazers (Red and Blue) - 199$
When and how to wear Searsucker

Seersucker is not an easy look to pull off. Due to its stripes, you have to be very careful with patterend shirts (go solid in case of doubt) and also ties. It's one of those looks that will just work better with a casual, solid colored, button-down shirt (open collar) and no tie. While we are on the topic, the recently introduced Hall & Madden shirts feature a lower button stance on the first button, looks better if you wear it open without tie that way. You might also try to go without socks for an even more casual look.

You might not think of it, but also be careful not to wear dark underwear. Seersucker fabrics can be very light and the dark material might be visible underneath the pants.

As for when to wear it, Seersuckers are perfect for garden parties, summer evening events and other casual occasions - be careful at work, probably won't really be suitable in the finance sector.