Indochino reboots Ultimate Tech Collection and focuses on Nanotech fabrics

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Indochino Ultimate Tech Review

Emails were sent out today with alternating headlines (to test opening rates and conversion rates for different subjects) to introduce an update on the 2013 Ultimate Tech Collection. Originally launched in January 2013 for $629, the Ultimate Tech Collection then contained 3 main selling points:
  • Nanotech fabrics
  • Smart Pockets
  • Storm Flap

The Nanotech Collection now and then - details

The Storm Flap ("a stylish way to protect your neck in winter") proved to be a very controversial item and soon after the Ultimate Tech suits were made available without and at a slightly lower price of $599. The reboot now also comes without the smart pockets (they allowed you to operate a smartphone from inside the jacket) and focuses instead mainly on the nanotech fabrics. These are a blend of "natural and technologically advanced fabrics, [...] repels liquids and stains, and resists odors and wrinkles without compromising on breathability or comfort (from the press release)". I tested it on my suit below and indeed the water does not soak in the fabric. There are also considerably less wrinkles. 

Indochino Ultimate Tech Review

Indochino Ultimate Tech Nanotech ReviewIn contrary to other smart fabrics, my experience with the nanotech coating has been positive so far. I had ordered one of these nanotech suits back when they were initially launched and wrote a review that you can read here

New suits introduced

Today's release also brings a number of new suits (all priced at $599) and as you can see in the screenshot below, there are definitely some interesting fabrics available. Overall, the reboot is in line with the overhaul of the Essential Collection a while ago - staying away from gadgetry and focusing on style with a twist. Of course $599 is a lot of money, but if you travel a lot, you may just consider adding one of these suits to your rotation. 

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