Weekly Link Collection

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A special shoe week

Valet is running a special on affordable shoes under 100$ and has some great suggestions. A new shoe style will be featured every day until Friday.

Furthermore, Uncrate also had a small article about SeaVee Desert Boots and they look really good!

Tailor Stitch - Custom shirt review

How many of those MTM shirt makers are there? I seem to discover a new one every week. The one reviewed in the link above seems quite cool and worth a try. By the way, I have just received my shirt from Biased Cut and will review it as soon as I get a chance. The important part: it fits great.

Alexander West - Custom shirt review

Yes, yet another MTM shirt maker - I had come across the brand before and they seem to be one of the a bit more expensive ones (of course, still very affordable compared to shirts from most local tailors).  

Güs Wallets

I'm always looking for slim wallets (I hate bulky wallets, where on earth do people put them?) and I think I found a really good and stylish one now - including a money clip! 90$ is probably not cheap, but they look great.