Finally, new outerwear from Indochino!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Finally, we got some fresh outerwear from Indochino. Actually, not only 6 new coats, 6 new blazers (Tweed!) were added as well, along with a couple of new shirts. Read on below for more details and  measurement advice on outerwear. 


6 new outerwear items, from peacoats, to topcoats and trenchcoats, with prices ranging from 329$ to 349$ (that is quite fair, isn't it?). They all feature padded interior lining for extra insulation and a couple of them have a front zip pocket as a nice style detail. If you are wondering about the fabrics, all of the new items seem to be made of wool/cashmere blends.

I have been wondering which one of those coats I should get, at the moment I favor the Navy Peacoat.  Not only do I like how it looks, I can also imagine wearing it with a casual outfit. Whatever I will go for, it will also be the first Indochino item I can order for "free", because some of you have been so nice to use my referral code on their first purchase, which used to give me 50$ store credit (referral program is now stopped)- so let me take the opportunity here to say a big thank you! Read on below for more info on the new collection.
By the way, if you have been wondering about how to measure for outerwear, I was talking to Angie (you know who) about that recently. She told me not to change any measurements, their tailors would base the measurements on my suit measurements and adapt them (including length) accordingly - I also got this confirmed by Indochino on Twitter. If anyone here has ordered on of their outerwear items before, I'd be great if you could share some insights in a comment!


So not only did we get some cool new outerwear, Indochino also released 6 new blazers. As you might have noticed, there were hardly any blazers available recently and it is nice to see some new additions here as well. I had complained about the lack of tweed blazers last year and I'm sure I am not the reason why we got it this time around, but it's definitely nice to see one (brown tweed, middle picture, top row). Most of them come with elbow patches (microfiber), which is a nice detail and prices are decent at 299$.


Last but not least, here are the 4 new shirts - three plaids, one striped, all 99$. Nothing too special about those, but the plaid ones are nice casual shirts and I can imagine them well with one of the new blazers. Don't forget there is also still the coupon code OCTOBERSHIRTS that gives you 3 shirts for 229$ instead of 299$ (23% discount). What caught my attention was the peach finish mentioned on the product description - had to read up on that, see the quote from Wikipedia below. 
Peach Finish subjects the fabric (either cotton or its synthetic blends) to emery wheels, making the surface velvet-like. This is a special finish used mostly in garments (source:
Overall, a really nice (and big!) collection this time. I had been waiting for new outerwear (and I know many of you have been too) and will probably order the navy peacoat and 1 or 2 shirts, will definitely keep you updated and let you know more in a review.