Ready for the winter: New Shadow Plaid Suits from Indochino

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indochino's new Shadow Plaid Suits - 399$ - 479$

After we didn't get anything new last week (no wonder after the big Nash Collection), Indochino introduced a number of new shadow plaid suits (and one pinstripe suit) today. Additionally, a number of new retro-inspired shirts and ties (also, for the first time, knit ties!) were made available.

The suits are 100% merino wool, according to the description with a flannel-like surface, perfect for the winter. I have to be honest, I have long considered suits like that one brown shadow plaid suit to be "old men's" suits, but they are classic styles with a modern cut that can look good if you can pull it off.
Most of these new suits are, however, clearly not for beginners. In combination with the new shirts and ties, the looks are rather daring and you certainly have to be self-confident to feel comfortable in these looks.

My favorite is probably the Indigo Glen Plaid Winter Suit - the pattern on this one is rather subtle, on a closer look the fabric almost looks like a nailhead fabric actually. The fabric is medium weight, giving you some extra warmth during cold winter days. This one is a good alternative to solid colored dark blue suits and can be easily combined with a number of shirts and ties.

Indochino's new Indigo Glen Plaid Winter Suit - 399§
The shirts - see some of the patterns below - are quite loud too. Indochino is right when they claim  your wardrobe should not only consist of solids, stripes and checks, so those shirts could be an interesting addition. Personally, I don't think I could pull off this look though. For the moment, I stick to what I know works. In a way, the same is true for the new ties. The knit ties are cool, by the way, work with jeans too for a more casual look. Pity they are not shown on any of the models. I remember a while ago Indochino had a Style Guide, I am hoping for it to return - it was a nice guide to look for inspiration.
New retro-inspired patterned shirts - 99$
Finally knit ties from Indochino - 49$

Indochino Portfolio Plaid Suit - Review to come soon!
Last but not least, I got a chance to wear my Indochino Portfolio Plaid Suit this weekend. I had to get the jacket remade, but I am very happy with the fit now. I will try to get a review up soon, together with a review of their Navy Peacoat! Also, I created a page on Google+, add me to one of your circles if you want and stay updated on all things Indochino. 


R Gorsline said...

Why did you need to get the jacket remade? You must have bought over 20 of their jackets and they still can't get orders correctly? This is absolutely unacceptable and the quality of Indochino garments is laughable. I took mine to the dry cleaner twice and it already started to bubble since they use fuzed glue canvasses. 

If you look at the Steve Nash suits any tailor can tell you multiple issues with the fit. Bunching up of fabric under the collar, poor fitting shoulders, button stances all off. And this is for an investor. 

Lorenz said...

I believe those consistency issues are finally over, now that they introduced digital cutting and the pop-up events they are planning all over the place will ensure your measurements are correct. I'd be very careful with dry-cleaning suit jackets - only do it if there is a spot you can't get rid of, otherwise it is sufficient if you have a good brush and hang them in the damp bathroom to get rid of wrinkles - this applies to all jackets (but of course, fusing makes the risk higher). Got any pics of the bubbling?

Agreed re the button stance - I always request my suits with a lower button stance and that looks more like how I like it.

RichardFF said...

I am quite satisfied with IC's suits and I now have half a dozen or so. Yes, I have had to have remakes, but the end result has been good. You are quite correct about the fit of its suits on the models on IC's Web site. I have no idea why they do this. It is rare to see anything like a good fit. I have the feeling that IC wants to project the image of being cool or on the edge of fashion. I am not sure that this helps IC. Why would a customer want to buy a MTM suit if the company can't get it suits to fit where they are most exposed to the public.

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