(expired) Indochino Deal Alert: get 40% off on DailyHookup.com

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Daily Hookup currently has a nice deal for Indochino, you get 1 Essential Suit, 1 shirt and 1 tie for 320$, that is 40% off the face value. For those wondering, this is probably as good as it gets. The only better deals are short-term sales of of suits from previous collections, the Essential Suits are normally not discounted. You can also get a more expensive suit, but you have to pay the difference. Please consider that once the deal is over, a new Indochino collection is likely to be introduced.

The Daily Hookup Indochino Deal
(This is a referral link, meaning I get 11$ if you buy the deal and it is your first purchase on Daily Hookup. In case I get enough referral credits, I will buy the deal myself and give away the coupon on the blog, as usual)

Important Update: this deal is actually not geographically restricted, according to a comment from The Daily Hookup CEO Josh Meah (see comments below this post). International customers can email support@thedailyhookup.com for more info.