New Indochino Outerwear Collection

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Indochino Outerwear Coats

While some of us might still be enjoying the hot summer sun, Indochino is already thinking and released a number of new outerwear items yesterday. 

There are now three new coats:
  • Peacoats in 4 colors (Camel, Navy, Charcoal, Black)
  • Military coats in 4 colors (see above) and
  • Topcoats (4 colors again)
These coats differ in length and style, but do have some common features. They can all be ordered as single- or double-breasted, with or without belt and with an inside loop to hang your scarf.  Of all the new coats, only the Topcoats are long coats, the others approximately have the length of suit jackets. Fabrics are a blend of wool (90% or 95%, depending on the product) and cashmere. The coats also feature a quilted lining for extra insulation.