Indochino Newsflash

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Did everyone get an early Christmas present from the Black Friday sale? There were certainly a number of tempting items. If you are still looking for some deals, there are occasionally still products on sale and it makes sense to check this page every once in a while. Furthermore, Indochino is again giving away a cashmere scarf worth $109 with each purchase of a trench coat ($399). Use the code COATSCARF at checkout to get the deal.

Apart from that I thought it would also be interesting to look at Indochino's lineup. They keep introducing bits and pieces every once in a while, so there are always some new suits or shirts showing up. This page (New Arrivals) provides a good overview and there are a couple of nice and heaver fabrics for winter (including twill, tweed and cashmere) that look very nice. 

Indochino Gray Twill
Indochino Gray Twill Suit - $529
In other news, I have received my suit from Dragon Inside and will post a review here soon - first impression is definitely positive. Very nice materials and craftsmanship, fit is great too! Anyone else got a suit from them? Curious to hear about everyone's experience.