Would you wear it? The Tastemaker Suit - $249

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Indochino Tastemaker Suit
The cheapest Indochino suit of the year - The Tastemaker Suit - $249 (on sale)
Check it out here.

The cheapest, most affordable Indochino suit in a very long time, a blast from the past, let me present you The Tastemaker Suit. Originally introduced at some point in 2011, this suit now makes it comeback as the cheapest Indochino suit of the year. 

This suit "epitomises authority and style" according the the product description and the fabric is classified as a "silk-mix". At the given price point, I'd say it's a polyester/silk mix. Indochino has not stocked any suits containing more than maybe 2% polyester for a while, but they are clearly trying to get some first time customers hooked by offering a very low entry price here. 

What do you think? Is the Tastemaker worth your hard earned money - the first step into the Indochino universe maybe?

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