Indochino Essential Charcoal & The Collar Gap

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Indochino Collar Gap
An Indochino Collar Gap - not a very bad one, but noticeable
Suit: Indochino Essential Charcoal

Indochino Collar Gaps - an annoying issue

Collar gaps are a very annoying thing - they happen on a lot of online MTM suits and they are usually not an easy fix - and it can be hard to determine why exactly a collar gap happens. What exactly is a collar gap? The way I use the term here (and that's the generally accepted definition), it is a gap caused between the shirt collar and the suit collar - especially in the back. The suit collar should hug the shirt collar and the suit should drape naturally. Sometimes a collar gap is created when you lift your arms - that's hard to avoid, but there should not be a gap when you just stand naturally.

I had been lucky for a long time with my Indochino suits and escaped the issue. But Indochino collar gaps are an issue for many readers and the topic has been raised in a number of comments. Often, you wont notice it right away. Actually I was really convinced my latest suit - the Indochino Essential Charcoal -fits really fine, until I had a little video clip made and was incredibly annoyed when watching it - my Indochino suit had a collar gap. 

Indochino Collar Gaps - what do do

Indochino collar gaps - and more generally, collar gaps on any suit, take a good tailor to fix or even require a remake. A lot of things come into play. Your posture, the way you hold your shoulders being the most important ones. You have to mention these factors on order, but often we don't have a clear idea of our body characteristics. Also, if your body changes e.g. because you start working out it can lead to the same issue. I'm a pretty slim guy, but I've been working out lately and I think that's the reason why I suddenly ran into the issue. I'm determined to go to a tailor within the next few days and hopefully get a better idea of why it happened and how it can be fixed - expect an update and some hopefully helpful insights soon. 

In the meanwhile, I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has had to deal with collar gaps before - did you find an easy fix? How did you change your measurements?