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Monday, October 14, 2013

Indochino Daily Hookup 20% off
Get 20% off with The Daily Hookup - click image to get to the deal
Gentlemen, another decent deal. Not only do we have a very nice sale going on (article here, sale here), we also got a nice deal from The Daily Hookup

I first stumbled across The Daily Hookup last year when they ran an Indochino deal (suit, shirt and tie for $320). We all know these kind of Indochino deals don't exist anymore, but today you can still get an Essential Suit, a shirt, a tie and a pocket square for $499 - that's a total value of $636 and savings of more than 20%. Click here to get the deal.

Overall, a good deal if you are interested in a whole outfit - the premium compared to only buying an Essential Suit for $449 is minimal. As usual, if you want to buy a more expensive suit, the difference has to be paid at checkout. If you are just looking to get something for the lowest price possible, I would recommend checking out the sale with suits available from $399

Indochino & The Daily Hookup Deal

Essential Suit, Shirt, Tie and Pocket Square for $499
Do me a big favour. If you are interested in this deal, sign up through my referral link below. I will get $11 store credit for every new sign-up who purchases a deal. As I have done before, I won't use this store credit for myself. If enough credit accumulates, I will buy the Indochino deal myself and will give away the coupon code on this blog. Thank you!

Use this link:

Check the general sale (suits 20% off, accessories up to 50% off):
Indochino Sale October 2013