The wait is over: Indochino February Collection coming next week!

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Collection due February 15

The wait is over (well, almost)! Indochino will release a new collection on Tuesday, February 15 (I had written Thursday earlier, sorry for the mistake), their first in 2011. Indochino promises to take things to a new level on their Twitter feed - and I can't help being reminded of Apple's clever marketing ("this changes everything. again."). 

So what will we get, judging from the teaser picture?
  1. A rather bold pinstripe suit with peak lapels. Model wears a lavender shirt with white contrasting collar - that one's for you bankers out there ;)
  2. A blue plaid suit. Plaid! I personally love that one. Peak lapels again, but obviously that can easily be changed if you don't like it. Again the shirt features a white, contrasting collar. 
  3. A grey 3 piece suit. It does seem as if the fabric had some more structure than for example the basic ultimate grey suit. I don't dare saying it is tweed, but in any case this one will end up in my wardrobe (unless it contains polyester). 
  4. A double-breasted blue blazer with gold brass buttons and peak lapels. Following the example of his friends, the models wears a shirt with contrasting collar. 
It is obviously all up to your personal preferences and needs - but out of those 4 suits I already see 2 that I'd love to own (the plaid and the grey one), so I'm really curious what else we will get. I have a feeling cardigans will not yet be part of it, but it will be interesting to see if the shirts with the contrasting collars will be carried over to the collection. Or perhaps we are in for some real surprises? What are your expectations? In any case, speculations are soon over and will find out on Thursday 17th. You can be sure to find all the details right on Indochino Reviews! 

I'll probably also have some kind of a competition again. I got a spare 150$ coupon and I'll give it to one of you lucky readers when the new collection is revealed next week.