Indochino Survey Results - Part II

Monday, October 25, 2010

So, here we go for Part II of the survey results:

What do you like most about Indochino?

Not much of a surprise, the price is what most (42%) people like most about Indochino, 30% named the fit, 11% the style. 

What do you like least about Indochino?

54% criticizes the limited selection, the measurements process, the fit or the price, the quality don't seem to be a problem for only 30% of all participants. 

What do you expect from Indochino in the future?

A majority of 71% wants more suits suitable for business/work, 43% want more outerwear. Those seem to be the most important wishes, of course many others want more shirts, more accessories, more plaid fabrics, skinny tie bars, customizable collar felts, etc. There are some great ideas in this, I'm curious if the Indochino guys checked the results. 

Open Questions

I took the chance to ask you what you want to see on the blog. Most than 64% said they'd want more reviews of other customers - I'll try to do that, but obviously the incentive for someone to write a review for the blog is not very high, as I cannot offer any money for it. Still, if you recently ordered a suit and you'd like to write a review including some photos, please feel free to share it with me and I will give it a dedicated space on the blog. I have also gathered a couple of photos from StyleForum and will post them here on a separate page. 

Many of you also mentioned that you want more of my reviews (62%). I have good news for you, as I have a new Ultimate Grey Suit (best fit so far) and soon a Walker Navy Tweed Suit that I will review in a bit. 47% also mentioned that they'd like reviews of other MTM companies. This is obviously not a priority, but I will throw in the odd article about other companies too (received a Modern Tailor shirt today, a Dolbeau custom tie a while ago). 

Last but not least, many said they want to read about new coupons - the box on the right part of the blog is constantly updated with the newest coupons (I got email notifications set up for new coupons via google, twitter, etc.). In addition, I will write a new post if there is an especially interesting coupon. I also want to thank the many readers who send me emails with coupons! The more info I get, the more people will benefit :)

The fully survey results for download: