Indochino's 2011 plans: Cardigans and more

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cardigans - soon on Indochino?
(pic depicts random cardigan found on the internet)
Have you been wondering what could be next on Indochino? We've had all kinds of suits, from linen to flannel and tweed, interesting linings, pocket squares and much more. Now it seems that Indochino is thinking even further than suits and outerwear. It seems for 2011 we can expect Indochino's own line of Cardigans and much more.

A recent interview on "tucked. the blog" with Kyle Vucko, Indochino's CEO reveals some interesting plans for the future:

Tucked: What should Indochino’s current customer and prospective client look forward to in the future?
KV: More product launches. We have new product every month. We are currently expanding our current offering, so more suits, more shirts and pants. We want to continue to make our product more appealing, especially to our customers that have been around for awhile. You should look out for new types of products. Cardigans is one that we are working on for the New Year and then a few others. We are trying to move beyond being the go-to place for the men’s suit, and towards being the go-to place for men’s custom clothing. The idea that you can really buy an entire custom wardrobe is the bigger vision, and I think we are beginning to strive towards that goal. (taken from tucked. the blog - interview with Kyle Vucko, November 29, 2010)
I'd really recommend you to read the whole interview on tucked. the blog, it has some great insights concerning Indochino, their profit situation, return rates and much more. The whole blog is actually a must for people interested in fashion, so check it out sometimes!

Tucked LLC Interviews Indochino from Justin Bridges on Vimeo.