New coupon (20% off) and some other minor news

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hi guys,

Thanks to Google Alerts I just heard about a new (or rather, an old but now functional again) coupon - enter woot on checkout for 20% off. Please note that this will unfortunately only works if you have a suit in your shopping bag. I wish those coupon codes would work on blazers as well... Still, I believe those 20% coupons are a much better deal than the groupon/socialliving deals if you intend to make a purchase above 500$. I don't know the expiry date on this one (yet). 

Indochino Alchemist Brown Suit
The Alchemist Brown Suit - 407$ with coupon code woot

upcoming competition
One of the outcomes of the survey I did a while ago was the wish for more reviews by other customers. As it's not so easy to get someone to go through all that hassle for free I thought about a competition. Everyone who sends in his review has the chance to win a 50$ Indochino voucher (I'd buy one of those at the Indochino website and then enter the winner's email address on it). Would it be worth your effort? I think a 50$ voucher is probably not a lot, but it would still get you a tie, cufflinks or a cheaper jacket or pants. Please let me know if that would be worth sending in your review or how I could run the competition in a better way!