Free pocket squares and [expired] Teambuy deal

Monday, December 13, 2010

Indochino Reviews: Indochino Cosmic Crimson Pinstripe Suit
Cosmic Crimson Pinstripe Suit

Indochino is offering a special promotion for their Nouveau Gentleman Collection -you now get a free pocket square (worth 39$) when you order one of the new suits. Prices remained the same and as you can see at the poll on the right side, a vast majority of 69% (29 votes as of Dec. 13) think they are a bit too high - the fabrics look great though. The whole lineup is still available but you won't receive your order before Christmas anymore.

Furthermore, there is still the Teambuy Canada Indochino promotion. Use teambuywinter for 15% off, 2 free shirts and 1 free accessory (thanks @dter from Twitter for the info). Pretty good deal, actually - they don't get much better than that. Careful, it expires on the 14th (not sure about which timezone - probably some Canadian time ;) )

Okay, so that teambuywinter coupon expired - next best is probably mycouponswinter (10% off, 2 free shirts, expires 28/02/11) or MYCOUPONS (20% off, expiry date unknown).