Indochino Boxingday Promo

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Indochino is having one of their own promotions until December 28, for 2 free shirts with every suit purchase you can enter the coupon code boxingday. The December Collection is beginning to sell out slowly, there are now 8 suits of the originally 13 suits left. My two favourites, a brown one and two grey ones are all gone...
Let me also quickly remind you of my competition - send in your Indochino review for the chance to win a 125$ Indochino voucher - read more here.

I hope you guys all had a nice Christmas, hopefully your suits still all fit ;) I'm already looking forward to the January collection, I'm curious how quick they will be to roll out new products such as cardigans or shoes (mentioned in their own survey). In the meanwhile, there is still some interesting stuff online if you want to spend your Christmas money... I'm personally thinking about Teacher's Jacket (without the golden Rolex), the Groupon deal makes this  one quite affordable!