Competition: Win a 125$ Indochino voucher!

Monday, January 3, 2011

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I'm pleased to announce my very first competition! As mentioned before, one of the key outcomes of my recently conducted survey was the wish for more user reviews. A fellow reader who shall remain unnamed (you know who you are, thank you again!) was so kind to sell me his Groupon coupon, so I thought I'll use it for this competition. 

So here is how it works: everyone who sends in his review including photos enters the competition and has a chance to win a 125$ Indochino voucher. All the reviews will get published on the blog, depending on the length and quality I will put them either on the main page, or as a shorter review in the "real guys, real suits" section. Needless to say, reviews will get published independent of the nature of your experience - if you hated your suit it's as important for me to share it as if it's positive. 

Feel free to tell your friends about the competition, repost the flyer on Twitter or Facebook etc. - the more reviews, the merrier ;)

The whole competition will run until the end of January - I want to give everyone enough time to celebrate Christmas, have some parties and possibly wait for their Indochino order to arrive. 

There are no special rules on the format or exact content of the review. It definitely should contain photos, but how you present the review is completely up to you. 

Enjoy & and I'm hoping for many reviews to come my way. Just send them to Any comments or suggestions and questions, feel free to ask anytime and don't hesitate to use the comment function on the blog!

One more thing I forgot: my new logo, the blog header and the flyer for this competition were created by They are a group of professional designers who help you out with great designs for free! Give them a try if you need it, they are a blessing for us bloggers! 

Let me include some fine print just to be on the safe side:

Just to make this clear - the voucher cannot be handed out in cash or in any other way. The winner will get the Groupon PDF with the code on it or perhaps just the code itself per email. The winner will be chosen by my girlfriend, the lucky fairy. I'll fill a bowl with small papers with your names on it and she'll randomly choose one, eyes closed, of course. I specifically hereby state that there are no legal steps you can take to gain insight into the selection process, this competition is held excluding the jurisdiction of a court (always wanted to use that phrase). 

By sending in your review, you grant me the right to use it on my blog, including photos. You will be properly quoted with either your name or the name you choose, link to your website, etc. You will of course keep all the rights on your pictures and the review, I only get the right to use it on my blog without having to pay you for it.