Indochino Ties and suit bag update

Sunday, January 30, 2011

(left to right)
Indochino Green Diamond Tie - 39$
Indochino Blue and Black Plaid Tie - 39$
Indochino Spot on Navy Tie - 39$

A while ago I used another Groupon coupon to order a couple of ties and another pair of cufflinks. The first Indochino tie I had purchased a while ago (early 2010) was the Black Lightning Tie (quite at the bottom of the page). While it looks alright, the fabric felt like plastic (the label on the tie says 100% silk). I didn't really consider buying more of their ties, but as I had the Groupon coupon waiting (and it seemed like no January collection would come along), I thought I'd give it another try. To my surprise, the fabrics now feel much better and the 100% silk label seems to be telling the truth. In a next step, I'd be great if Indochino could let us customize the ties (length, width)

I also got 2 more cufflinks. I had had the ones pictured on the right already, they are the Bars of Silver, the ones to the left are the new ones and called Slick Black Buttons. I actually had troubles using the rather big Slick Black Buttons cufflinks on my new shirt (they rear end barely fit through the opening). Someone mentioned silk knots as cuff links a while ago and I actually had ordered some from Ebay (China) but they didn't arrive so far.

Slick Black Buttons (28$) & Bars Of Silver (40$) 

Something else I wanted to talk about - Indochino's suit bags. As you might have experienced yourself, the previous versions were not really usable - the zip was likely to fall off when you tried to close it. They seem to have upgraded their bags now and as you can see in the picture below, the zips are now fully functional. They also changed the design a bit - the suit bags now feature the golden Indochino logo very prominently - a bit too prominently for my taste. 

Indochino Suit Bag - now fully functional 

And now - what about a proper February Collection, Indochino? They have been hiring like crazy (web designers, UI designers, Customer Service (more friendly Angies) and this is obviously a sign that Indochino is continuing to grow and strive. Even more so I'm curious to see what is next!