The Indochino Signature Collection

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We don’t often pay proper tribute to the men of the 1960s—those dapper gentlemen who
enjoyed whiskey, casual entertainment, and the finer things in life. And yet we should, especially
when it comes to their style. An extension of the Hedonist Collection and a callback to the
hard-working, male-dominated ‘60s, the Signature Collection introduces new customization
features, including four new linings and gold color buttonhole. The result? A sartorial homage
that combines smart, classic tailoring with modern elegance. 
(taken from the Indochino Signature Collection Lookbook)

Today, Indochino added a couple of new items, basically in the same vein as the Hedonist Collection. There are a number of new pinstripe suits and even a tweed suit - but not your classic Harris Tweed, it's navy blue suit (100% cotton). Another instant favorite of mine is The London Grey 3-piece suit.

The Navy Walker Suit
London Grey 3 Piece Suit
I got a couple of questions regarding new Indochino Outerwear and me feeling was right - there are three new pieces introduced with today's Collection, inlcuding The Luxe Coat and The Black Double-Breasted Overcoat. I was personally hoping for a cool tweed jacket (Harris Tweed!), but perhaps with the next round! Some of the coats look pretty cool and I'm actually in the need for one to wear above a suit.

The Luxe Coat

Something I completely didn't notice when scanning through the new items and originally wrote this - there are more customizations (actually, the whole process of "designing" your suit was overhauled). Thanks to Frank Stallone for letting me know in the comments section of this article. If you click on "Advanced" a new screen pops up and you cannot only choose the familiar customizations, there are now also options to choose natural shoulders with less padding and higher armholes for more movement in the arms. I have to say that those additions are well thought of and really add something that many users have been requesting for some time. For the new suits there are some more linings (funky and now easier to choose - bigger pictures) and extras such as more lapel choices or golden threads on the buttonholes.