Dolbeau Custom Ties

Thursday, September 23, 2010

from the Dolbeau Lookbook

Ok, so for once this isn't about Indochino but about another online custom company - more specifically Dolbeau, maker of custom neckties and bow-ties. A few weeks ago I was chatting with a fellow Indochino aficionado (Chad) about ties. Him being a rather short guy and me being rather tall, we both have our occasional problems with ties. If I want to have a bolder, bigger knot they often come out too short while Chad sometimes ends up with ties too long for his size. I did some research on custom made ties then, but did not really find anything. Today, I stumbled across an article on Valet Mag, introducing Dolbeau Custom Ties.

I'll quote from Valet Mag here to describe in a nutshell what Dolbeau is all about:
When David Caplan and David Gross started Dolbeau, a just-launched line of neckwear, it was based on three simple principles: Local manufacturing, high-quality handmade goods and easy online customization. The result is an easy-to-use website that allows you to choose from a wide range of ties (both traditional and bow ties) and tailor them to your taste. The two-tone ties—ideal for sporting a little sprezzatura—can be ordered in three widths, with your choice of tips (standard, flat or dagger) and in lengths ranging from 54 to 66 inches. The bow ties are reversible and also come in three styles with your choice of buttons (might we suggest the leather?). The debut label is hard at work on some ties cut from rich suiting wools due out later this fall and recently finished the work on a collaboration with local Montreal shop Rooney, which has just hit the store's shelves. (Valet Mag Online, September 21 2010)
Valetmag also adds a coupon: Enter the code VALETMAG for 20% off your purchase (valid through Oct. 21).  I was in contact with David from Dolbeau about a tie purchase and they completely changed their international delivery prices now - from 40$ per item down to 0$ - fantastic! I ordered the Stratford tie and I'm very curious to see how it fits with my recently ordered Indochino Ultimate Grey Suit!

More about Dolbeau here: