Indochino Suit Bag Suggestion

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Suit bags are essential, especially for short term trips where it does not make sense to bring a big suitcase. I usually carry the suit in suit bags separately anyway, to avoid wrinkles. My favorite bag can be folded in half and fixed on the edges with two simple clicks. Furthermore, it includes handles, so you don't have to carry it on the metal part of the hanger. 

my favorite suit bag can be folded and includes handles
Up until now I didn't really use my Indochino suit bags (they send one for free with every suit), but for a recent trip I wanted to give them a try. Unfortunately, the 2 bags I have seem to be faulty. As can be seen in the picture below, the end of the zip is not done properly, so you cannot actually close the zip. In fact, the bag becomes completely useless, as it just opens up after a while. Well, you could use it to put a suit in a suitcase, but not to carry one around.

Indochino bag: zip cannot be closed
It'd be great if you could take a quick look at your bags and see if they have the same construction mistake (let me know in the comments). If yes, I'll write Angie a quick email about it - that's something that should be very easy to fix.

As usual, Angie was very quick to reply and very helpful. Indochino is already looking into the problem and I'm sure they'll fix it soon. Also, I wasn't aware that the Indochino bags can in fact be folded (like my favourite bag), so they are easier to cary around:
"Also, our suit bags are designed to be folded. There should be a pocket, place the hanger through the hole on the opposite end of the pocket side and then fold and put the pocket over the other end and through the hole.  It should be a half circle and say Indochino upright on it." Angie, Indochino Customer Service via emai