Indochino Blueprint Windowpane Suit Review

Friday, September 10, 2010

A while ago I ordered my second Indochino suit - I always promised a review, but never really found the time to take pictures and write a bit about it. The suit I bought was part of a monthly collection and no longer available, but the review and the pictures are still helpful I guess! This link should take you to the new arrivals on Indochino, there is a new collection introduced pretty much every month.

I didn't need another suit in a solid color, so the Blueprint collection came just right. I managed to get one of the last Windowpane Blueprint suits (I have written about that collection earlier, but the images are gone now), chose one of the new linings (pretty funky, but not entirely fit for business use) and took 1 inch off the jacket length. I did this, because my girlfriend kept telling me my other suit jackets are too long and look "old style". Little does she know about the rules of suit style, but it does seem that shorter jackets are quite in fashion now. Anyway, I got this one jacket a bit shorter, but I won't do it again. It looks cool from the front (in my opinion), but it doesn't quite cover my bottom and while mine isn't fat (yet), I don't feel very comfortable knowing that. Be that as it may, enough of the words and on to some photos.

Indochino Windowpane Suit
Blueprint lining
more posing
Blueprint lining details
and a last one
The suit itself feels great. A bit stiffer around the lapels compared to my first Indochino suit, but that might just be due to the updated construction used (I didn't cut my suit open for inspection, but they are supposed to have canvas in the lapels now). Buttons are sewn very solidly again, no lose threads anywhere, the Indochino master tailor this time really earns his name. 

The whole jacket fit perfectly fine right from the start, for some reason the pants turned out really tight though. My tailor managed to widen them by about an inch and they fit better now - as long as I don't gain any weight, that is. If you ask yourself why I didn't get the jacket remade an inch longer - the reason is simple, the Windowpane fabric was sold out then. I'm looking forward to the next collections - I got my measurements figured out now hopefully (will add an inch to crotch and obviously 1-1.5 to jacket length for the next one though).