[outdated article] 2011 Summer suits are here! The Indochino Linen Collection

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Indochino Linen Suits released - get ready for the summer

Finally summer (or spring) is here and Indochino celebrates it with a release of new Linen Suits. The timing is pretty good, as it actually seems they settled on a 3-week delivery time now. If you order today you receive your suit by May 10. I believe many of us had been waiting for light summer suits for a while now (me too, especially as I had missed out on their last Linen Collection a year ago) and I have to say that today's collection looks very promising.

In the first round we got 5 new Linen suits (actually mostly nice a linen/cotton mix to reduce wrinkles). I assume some new shirts or perhaps also ties and accessories will follow in the next few weeks. The prices this time are very fair with 349$ for the 2-piece suits and 419$ for the 3-piece Ultimate Khaki Suit. Competition over - thanks for participating - congrats to Nick Fabiani, the winner! I actually have one more Groupon coupon (value 150$) to give away - I'll give it to someone who commens here on this post until Friday, 22nd. Brings down the price for a suit to 299$ 199$ (thanks JC :D), which is not so bad in times of no other working coupons I guess! Please be aware that in case you need alterations, the tailor credit will be credited back to your coupon, not to your credit card account.

Classic Camel Linen Suit - 349$

As usual I have my personal favourites - this time it is probably the Classic Camel Linen Suit pictured above. It's just really a classic linen suit and I happen to miss one of those in my wardrobe. Well, I actually do have one, but I bought it far too big and I hate wearing it.

I'm actually considering asking for a half-lined suit this time, for the really hot days. I believe Indochino does this on demand. Shoulder style will still be the padded version, I'm just not very convinced about the look of the natural shoulders.

Update: I received my Camel Linen suit by now and you can check the review here:


The other suits available seem pretty cool as well - I can imagine the 3-piece Ultimate Khaki Suit very well for a summer wedding and the Navy Blue Linen Suit looks promising too- also good to have a summer suit that is not necessarily a light color. Of course I can always only speak from my perspective, but the Grey Linen Suit pictured below is perhaps the one I could least imagine wearing.

Indochino Grey Linen Suit - 349$

Indochino Navy Blue Linen Suit - 349$

Summer Sensation White Linen Suit - 349$

Ultimate Khaki Linen Suit - 419$

Overall, I believe this is the right collection at the right time. If you need a summer suit and Indochino works for you (or you are curious to try), then you will probably find something you like. Or is there something missing in your opinion? Don't forget to comment (a useful comment, no flatteries!) for a chance to win a Groupon coupon worth 150$!