4 new shirts from Indochino

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A dream come true - the simple, basic and yet so versatile blue shirt (and 3 more)

An alternate title could have been "Indochino listens", because many of you have been asking for simple white and blue shirts. Two simple white ones went back online a while ago and today we got four new shirts, including the Blue Utility Shirt (edit: now called Easy Care Blue Utility...) - a versatile, solid, blue pinprick fabric dress shirt. No, it's not fancy and shiny (well, not overly shiny at least) but it's a great alternative to the white dress shirt and definitely an item that should be in everyone's wardrobe - also because it fits with almost every suit I can imagine.

The Blue Utility Shirt - 99$

Prices for the shirts are as usual, meaning 99$. We all know that is a bit steep for the shirts, it would have been great to see the blue one being priced at 79$ at least (just like the basic white shirt). On the other hand it's a great opportunity to make use of a Groupon coupon, if you still have one. Or perhaps they will decide to offer a coupon with free shirts after all?

If we can already ask for things, what about a true cutaway collar? Lars has been asking for it for a couple of times already and I think he has a point! And you know, light (khaki) cotton and linen summer suits ;)