The Essential Navy Blue Blazer

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Essential Navy Blue Blazer - 399$
Update July 2016: The blazer is now called the Essential Navy Blue Blazer, but is currently out of stock. You can find all available Indochino blazers here: Indochino Blazers

Indochino added another blazer today - the Ultimate Navy Blue Blazer. It can of course just be a coincidence, but just recently someone on Indochino's Facebook wall asked for a Navy Blue Blazer without the golden buttons - so it seems as if they saw a market there. I'm sure there is a market for it - it's a versatile piece. I remember I once used to think that only weird people wear blazers and trousers in different colours, but clearly, I was very ignorant then. I'm positively surprised about the price, by the way - 199$ is very affordable, probably making this a big seller - I assume even without a coupon (and you can see how much a coupon would be needed in the poll on the right). 

The info about the fabric quality is not very detailed; it is called a "solid wool blend" - of course, this doesn't tell us if it's blended with silk, polyester or any other fabric. Considering the price, I would suspect polyester (also they would mention it if it's silk or any other seemingly high-quality fabric), but that is just my personal guess. The other Navy Blue Blazer is described as a "wool blend" too, if anyone owns it, would be cool to find out what you think about the fabric.

Comparing the two Navy Blue Blazers
Doing my usual research on Twitter, I also found out that we should get some new shirts next - gingham shirts.   Will keep you updated as usual!